About Me

My left brain has been on the move as long as I can remember. With my entire family working in healthcare, it was probably no surprise when I ended up going to pharmacy school. After obtaining my Doctor of Pharmacy, I chose to go into two years of post-graduate training for hospital pharmacy and internal medicine. In the couple of years after residency, I'd work as a clinical pharmacist in the neurointensive care unit of an academic medical center. Left brain continued to get a daily workout caring for patients, writing policies, conducting research, teaching students, etc.

Right brain was never too far behind, though. Growing up a dancer and a lover of music, I consistently tried to find ways to weave creativity into my life. At first, this was more literal representation as I continued to dance as an adult, enjoy music, read, or cook. As I became more involved in work, I had to find ways to involve my creativity in a different way. Early mentors of mine would comment that one of my best attributes as a practitioner was my ability to see an individual patient and adapt to their needs - that is, be creative when they didn't fit the general picture or "guideline recommendation." They noted that I seemed to have a knack for figuring out some obscure ways around problems or roadblocks and admittedly, it is one of my favorite parts of my job today. I enjoy working with others to figure out the patient's problems, combining what I know and testing what I didn't know at the same time to heal a person. It is sometimes scary, but always rewarding. These cases demonstrated that medicine is not just a science (though I love that), but also an art.

All of this considered, there has still always been a side of me that hungers for a more literal existence and representation of my right brain. I've been guilty of letting it fall behind in recent years. With the support of my family and the inspiration of a few talented friends, I'm creating a place to dust off right brain and allow it to grow and flourish by taking my life experiences and creating a place where I hope you can read, find a few laughs, learn something new, or maybe even find yourself inspired to try new things.


Photo credit: Sarah Valencia Photography